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Fixed Income Division aims for contributing to the success of clients by creating continuous outcome.
Based on seasoned and various experiences, we provide variety of customized fund products in line with coherent compliance.

Management fund

  • Domestic

  • Domestic/Global
    Seasoned Fund

  • Structured

  • Overseas Private
    Debt Fund(PDF)

  • Overseas Asset
    Securitization Fund

  • Overseas Alternative
    Investments FOFs

Management philosophy

Contributing to result abiding and outperforming
achievements for the success of clients

Management style

Value Investment

Seeking for higher returns
than bank deposit rates

Relative Value

Induce higher returns
over BM Index

Diversified Investment

Providing new and differentiated
investment opportunities

Team Approach

Deliver idealistic and
efficient services

Differentiated competitiveness

Long-Term Management
  • Strategic management experiences considering each client’s targets and risk tolerance
  • A variety of risk management experiences
Various Products
  • Managing assorted fixed income products
  • Providing investing opportunities through co-operations with overseas GPs
Strict Principle
  • Operating tailored investments based on clients’ investing purpose
  • Complying management guideline consistently