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IB operates Blind Fund investment briefings, brokerage services for real estate development, mainly real estate focused non-fund securities related business. IB strictly follows the investment principles through distinct market analysis, value investing, and ethical management to achieve a stable profit for clients.

Main Task

BSI Before Service Incubating
  • Deal souring through bridge finance from the initial stage
  • Synergy effect by connecting to development REF
RED Real Estate Development
  • Deal sourcing for REF development through BSI
  • Equity investment linked to securities companies and cooperation with PF
  • Deal sourcing and efficient management with PM by exploiting advisory network
PDF Private Debt Fund
  • PF initiation with trust company’s commitment
  • Small PF initiation by cooperating with savings bank
IP Investment Portfolio
  • Core, Core+,
    Value-added investments
  • Potential sectors such as logistics, residential, data centers, etc.

Investment strategy

  • All process of real estate development and one-stop financial service such as bridge loan, PF, mortgage loan, site introduction, market analysis, etc.
  • Investing core project finance and junior tranche investment
  • Providing finance solution using widen networks

Investment philosophy

market analysis
  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Stable management and clear selection of targeting investment which is possible to retrieve investment
  • Deal sourcing considered a regional feature
Value investing
  • Discovering the hidden value of projects
  • Actualizing the hidden value
  • Managing materialized value efficiently
Ethical management
  • Standardizing principles of investment,
    management, retrieval by steps
  • Ethical management according to principle and standard
  • Durable management based on various investment experiences

Investment target

  • Finance Advisory
  • Bridge Loan(Mezzanine)
  • PF
  • Securitization
  • ABL Loan
  • Real Estate trust loan
  • Mortgage loan
  • Real Estate PEF senior/mezzanine Investment
  • Shares-pledged loan
  • Securing Core site/introduction
  • Solution for distressed site(Construction Halted, Legal Dispute, etc.)
  • Others