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DI pursues maximization of the investment value and professional and strategic management focused on principle. The team targets diversification of portfolio and new growth engine of Hyundai Asset Management by investing on a variety of blue-chip of domestic real estate development projects which has high upside potential.

Main Task

in the real estate
  • Bid land holding potential
    of development
  • Purchase through private contracts
  • Facilitate the development of the building
  • Sell at market price
of insolvent assets
  • Purchase insolvent assets at
    a discounted price
  • Normalize and recover the original
    value of the real estate
  • Sell it to the market
in business that can
repurpose to real
  • Purchase temporarily undervalued assets due to the deteriorated status or unprofessional owner and sell it at the market price after materializing its potential value through repurposing
  • Purchase assets under construction and sell it at market prices after completion and operational stabilization
loan type
  • Bridge loan mezzanine investment
  • PF loan type of land trust investment
  • Investment in Trust Account LOAN
  • Construction cost bond mortgage investment
  • Investment in a mortgage of the developer’s right to profit

Investment philosophy

Trustworthy investment partner
who values the principle
Professional partner who minimizes
the investment risk
Strategic partner who maximizes
the value of assets
Exceptional partner building
competitive management process
based on intensive risk management

Investment target

  • Development projects with high profitability, such as urban station area and landlord joint projects
  • Business possible to exit by individual sale or collective sale
  • Superannuated buildings flexible to repurpose to residential occupancies
  • Undervalued and insolvent property which enables tenants reformation
  • Land sites where construction was suspended or where are newly built in an area having high-mobility of population
  • Projects that large tenants can participate in
  • Participation in the initial stage of the development project(final stage of licensing or right after completion)
  • Rebuilding after the purchase of outdated buildings
  • Workplaces where construction was suspended at transport hubs
  • Buildings possible to increase asset value through some interior and exterior renovation or extension, etc.
  • Buildings available to increase rent fee b reorganizing tenants
  • New business place suitable for business hotels in major office areas such as downtown and Gangnam
  • Building which can repurpose accommodation
  • Buildings feasible for long-term lease by distinguished hotel operators
  • Undervalued logistics facility where development is expected
  • A place where its tenants hold higher credit ratio, can have master or long-term lease contracts
  • Newly developed or developing logistics facilities located in the hub area
  • Shipping Finance(GGU, etc.) and Acceptance Financing, etc.

Differentiated competitiveness

Management Ability
  • Market response capability
  • A pioneering perspective that leads the market
  • Diversified networks in an alternative field
Various Expertise
  • Ensuring professional capabilities
    in the entire business process
Systematic Management
  • Risk management through pre + post management
  • Maximizing the efficiency of fund management
    by phased compliance screening