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Risk Management in Hyundai Asset Management initially operates in prior-prevention.
We devise to resolve any risk through active communication with management departments related to the risk factors by independently seeking bounds of the risk.

Internal Control Process


Traditional Assets Alternative Assets
  • Devise the management strategy of risk factors
  • Set a standard of risk management and application of risk tolerance limit
  • Evaluate risk notification of investment proposal
  • Risk factor confirmation based on assets
  • Check expected cash flow
  • Confirm related contracts
    (law, unfavorable terms, etc.)
  • Untact analyzation and Due Diligence
  • Investment Proposal


Commodity Deliberation Commission

  • Feedback following by preliminary review
  • Submission of Investment Review Report

Set-up Fund and Contract

Set-up Fund and Contract
Traditional Assets Alternative Assets
  • Applying Compliance checking system
  • Register BM
  • Check if the contract or investment proceeds under evaluation standards
  • Examine contracts or proof documents

Fund Management Monitoring

Fund Management Monitoring
Traditional Assets Alternative Assets
  • System-utilized real time Violation monitoring
  • Screening management activities
  • Operating monthly investment meeting
    • Feedback and Outcome Analysis
  • Checklist set-up and monitoring
    • Exit sales rate, EOC Standards etc.
  • Opening Quarterly AI Ex Post Facto Management Meeting
    • Investment status and issue evaluation


Collective Investment Property Evaluation Committee

  • Review the law and adequacy

If Regulatory violation and Risk Factors

If Regulatory violation and Risk Factors
Traditional Assets Alternative Assets
  • Contents Share and Corrective order if the risk tolerance and violation exceeds
    the limits
  • Monitoring a measurement
  • Future improvement method construction
  • Decision of restriction following the rate of violation
  • Immediate share of issue
  • Discuss countermeasure
  • Provide Legal Advices


Risk Management committee

  • Report to board of directors