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PE(Private Equity) exercises management rights, raises funds, and discovers promising companies that have potential of future growth and synergy.

Investment target

M&A, Buyout PEF
  • Companies creating synergy through business
    and technical convergence
  • Companies requiring M&A such as a succession
    of management rights
Mezzanine PEF
  • Joint-investment structure with SI on companies with
    the stable investment structure
  • BW/CB issuing company
Growth Capital PEF
  • Companies maintaining own prosperity which
    have high potential in a new growth engine industry
  • Companies in need of talent, organization, performance,
    system, etc. which boost global advancements
VC, Start-up PEF
  • Companies generating positive cash flow after initial
    capital attraction stage
  • Companies that have passed Series A Level

Corporate growth stage curve

  1. Establishment
  2. Initial Capital Attraction (Internal Capital and Angel etc)
  3. Investment < Revenue
  4. Investment < Revenue
  5. Series A - Venture Start-up PEF
  6. Mezzanine - Mezzanine PEF
  7. IPO
  8. Business Adjustment - Growth Capital PEF
  9. Growth Capital - M&A Buyout PEF No need to specify the timing of investment but mainly after growth capital

Investment target selection criteria

  • Collectible within the investment period
  • Eligible to invest with a balanced asset management
  • Effective investment assets control
  • Timely market environment of investment
  • Prudent on minimizing the risk of the investment object
  • Valuation-stable cash flow